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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are made from Faux Mink and mimic the look and feel of a natural eyelash extension. By isolating the natural lash, one by one, the faux lash is applied very precisely with a medical grade adhesive. When the process is complete, each lash will have an extension and result in longer, thicker, more dramatic lashes, riding of the use of mascara or eyeliner.

How long do the extensions last?

With proper care, your extensions can last up to 4 weeks. With routine fills, keep your lashes looking flawless, indefinitely.

Will the eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

Our eyelash stylist are trained and liscened professionals. With proper application technique and proper aftercare, your natural lashes are completely safe. It is important to make sure you are taking the right steps for after care to ensure a healthy fall out. It is normal to see an average of 1-5 lashes shedding daily. It is also normal to see your natural lash attached to the faux lash. Your lashes have a natural growth cycle. This means that the lash has reached its final stage of growth; it will fall out and a new lash is ready to grow in it's place. Depending on the age of the client and health condidtions, the length of the growth cycle varies. 3 Stages of Eyelash Growth Stage 1: The Anagen (Growth) Phase - The Eyelash is actively growing. On average, 30% of your lashes are in this stage and lasts anywhere from 4-7 weeks. Stage 2: The Catagen (Transition) Phase - Also known as the lag phase, the eyelash stops growing and the follicle begins to shrink. This phase lasts up to 3 weeks. Stage 3: The Telogen Growth Stage - The final stage of the eyelash life span. At this stage, the eyelash will fall out. It is approximately 100 days before the eyelash falls out and a new lash begins to grow in its place. You have eyelashes in every stage of growth at all times. The staggering of the phases are why you don’t lose all your eyelashes at any one time. It takes an average of 4-8 weeks for an eyelash to replace itself.

How often do I need to get a fill?

It is recommended to get a fill every 2 to 3 weeks. At this rate, your lashes will continue to look full and beautiful. However, after 4 weeks, the lashes begin to look a little bare and if more than 40% of the lash extensions are missing, it is considered a full set and pricing may vary.

What do I need to do for aftercare?

It is recommended to not get your eyelashes wet for the first 24-48 hours. Although the adhesive is dry upon leaving, the inside of the glue is still curing. If you get the glue wet before the recommended cure time, it could effect it's adhesion and cause premature fallout. Depending on the glue, cure times may vary. Your lash professional will go over the required aftercare with you upon leaving. Pro Tip: Place a dry washcloth over your brows when showering to prevent water from running down onto the lashes. With eyelash extensions, the use of mascara and eyeliner are no longer necessary. Especially the use of water-proof or oil based makeup. With use of these products means thorough cleaning and scrubbing of the lash line, in return, you are breaking the bond of the adhesive and premature lash loss will result. Pro Tip: If the use of mascara and eyeliner is a must, we have specially formulated products made specially for eyelash extensions. Our products are free of the harmful chemicals and oils found in most over the counter products that break down the adhesive in your extensions. After the 48 hour cure time, it is important to wash your lashes routinely. Your lashes are designed to catch debree and dust from entering the eye. You must make sure you are cleansing the lashes of the dirt, otherwise you will have build up that is unhealthy for the natural lash. Pro Tip: Using cool water and clean hands, use an oil free makeup cleanser before bathing/showering to rid of any dirt and debree. For your convienence, we offer a specially formulated makeup cleanser/moisturizer safe for eyelash extensions with minerals and botanicals to promote strong and healthy lashes. Stay free of any cotton balls or loose fibers to cleanse the lash area. It is recommended to use a q-tip soaked with remover for the removal of eyeliner. Make sure to start at the base and wipe upwards, away from the lashes. For mascara, use a small dome shaped fluffy brush to work the remover into the lashes in a gentle downward motion. Repeat this process until the makeup and remover is completely gone, leaving nothing but water behind. Dry thoroughly by patting dry and finishing off by combing through with the spoolie your artist gave you at your appointment. Comb through your lashes regularly. Especially upon waking up, your lashes could crisscross throughout the night with tossing and turning. Using your spoolie, run through your lashes every morning and as needed throughout the day to make sure they are not overlapping or in a funky layout.

What if I already have extensions from another artist and I want to come to you for a fill?

Unfortunately, because we cannot guarantee the work of another artist, we do not fill another artist's work. We are happy to do a complimetary removal of the existing lashes and preform a full set to get you set up for fills with us in the future.

What if I am experiencing excess lash loss?

With proper aftercare, there should be no reason you should be experiencing excess lash loss. We advise that you call your artist and inform them of your experience so we can determind the culprite. Usually, if you are experiencing excess lash loss in one eye only, you may be sleeping heavily on one side over another. Be cautious of face creams and washes, as they can contain ingredients that are not recommended for eyelash extensions. Remember to use only oil-free and no water-proof products. Pro Tip: If you know you are a tosser and turner in bed, try using a silk pillow case to better protect your lashes from the course friction of the pillowcase. Under no circumstances do we offer refunds for any premature lash loss or allergic reactions. Under certain cercumstances, we will offer a complimentary or reduced pricing for a fill or new set, but no monies will be refunded.

Could there be an allergic reaction?

Although our company has never experienced an allergic reaction before, that does not mean an allergic reaction could not happen. We do offer a hyperallergic glue suitable for for those clients who know they have sensitive eyes/skin. Our glues are medical grade and safe for application however, a patch test is highly recommended for first time clients. A patch test will ensure that there are no reactions or allergies to the glue. A patch test is preformed up to 2 days prior to your appointment. Approximately 5-7 lashes will be applied to each eye. Patch tests are 100% free and recommended. We are not held responsible for any reactions to the extensions and do not offer any refunds.

What if I want my eyelash extensions removed?

Under no circumstances should you try to remove the extensions yourself. Because the lashes are designed to shed with your natural lash cycle, you can either wait until all the lashes have completely fallen out or you can come in for a removal. The removal process is pain-free. With a special remover formulated specially for the adhesive and proper removal technique, the lashes can be removed safely and effieciently. Depending on the amount of time required for removal will determine pricing. An email consultation may be required prior to removal.

About Landre SFX

Where do you Service?

We service the DMV area, Pennsylvania & Deleware.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we are covered by Beauty and Body Works .

Do you travel?

Yes, we will travel to you! Travel fees may apply.

How do I book you?

To reserve a date, please contact us to get you scheduled. All reservations require a non-refundable deposit. Deposit pricing may vary depending on the event.

What forms of Payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, PayPal, Venmo or Credit Card. All electronic transactions require a 3% service fee.

How far in advance should we book you?

It is suggested to book as soon as you know your event date, esp. if it takes place on a weekend. For weddings, it is recommended to secure your date 6-12 months in advance. For face painting and other inquires, 3-4 months is recommended. We most definitely take last minute bookings as well!

Do you offer any discounts?

Bridal Parties of the Bride plus 3 earn you a 10% discount on your wedding day booking. Discount rates are available for bulk listings, the more bookings you can scheudle in advance, the better deal we can give! This is common for corporate companies, (e.g. Face Painting 1 day a month for 12 months). We also have a loyalty program for our Eyelash Extension clients. For every 6th visit, recieve 20% off. Refer a friend and you both recieve 20% off.


Do you provide on site servicing?

Yes, we will travel to you! We can come to your home, venue or hotel, where ever you plan to get ready.

Do you have a team of assistants?

Yes, for hair and makeup we have very talented contracted artist. No matter the size of your bridal party, we have you covered!

Why do I need a trial?

A trial session leaves all the guesswork out. Your artist will already have an understanding of your expectations come wedding day. You will have already established the perfect hair/makeup style that best suits you. It allows you to relax come wedding day and know that you will be properly cared for.

Are trial sessions required?

A trial session is not required but highly recommended. 70% of brides opt to have a trial session before their wedding.

How far in advance should I book you for my wedding and trial?

It is strongly recommened to book your wedding 6-12 months in advance. Trial sessions are recommended 3-4 months in advance.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is considered the "insurance" for your face. It is longwear, up to 24 hours, tear, sweat and kiss resistant. No need for touch ups throughout the night! It is known for its flawless coverage. It is completely customized from a sheer to full coverage finish.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Absolutely, check out the category listed "portfolio" in the menu bar. You will find a photo gallery for each service we offer.

Is there anything I need to provide?

We come fully prepared, all tools and supplies needed except for a table and chair. Please make sure our artist have a safe, walk free zone to work in with outlets and natural lighting is a plus.

What if you are sick or an emergency occurs?

We will go to extreme measures to ensure a replacement artist is found for your event, should a replacement artist not be available, all monies will be refunded, including deposit.

How should I come prepared for my hair or makeup trial/consultation?

Makeup: Clean Face free of any makeup, oils, and SPFs. Hair: Clean hair, free of any products and preferably washed the night before.

How long does a Bridal Appointment take for Hair and Makeup?

Hair and Makeup both require an hour each for trial and wedding day services. Bridesmaids and other attendees require 45 minutes each for hair and makeup.