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Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions? One or more faux lashes applied to the natural lash to amplify, define, lengthen and curl the lashes. Multiple eyelashes can be added to one lash, depending on the desired effect. The results are super natural, soft to the touch and 100% customized to fit your unique eye shape. 


Eyelash Extensions are ultra-lightweight just like an actual eyelash would be, so you won't even feel them there.  Extensions can last up to 6 weeks with proper aftercare or you can keep your lashes looking bold and beautiful indefinitely with routine fill ins. 

  • Semi Permanent 

  • Mimics Natural Lash

  • Added Length

  • Added Volume

  • Added Curl

  • Added Confidence

  • No Added Weight

  • No Mascara Needed

  • Shortened Makeup Routine


Each eyelash is carefully isolated with special tweezers. Once a lash is fully isolated, 1 or more faux lashes are safely secured to the existing eyelash. To keep the lashes in place, we use a very safe and effective eyelash adhesive, available to trained eyelash professionals only. A patch test may be necessary for clients with sensitive skin and a sensitive glue may be used.

For a full set or first time client, allow for a 2-3 hour appointment time and 1- 2 hours for fill in appointments. Relax comfortably on a massage table with blankets and pillows available to you. Listen to your favorite soothing music while you enjoy a complimentary lip mask (by request). If you fall asleep during the process, its okay if because your eyes will remain closed and you will be laying still, free of any cell phones or distractions. We'll wake you when it's over. 


Are they Safe?

Yes, when applied properly by a trained eyelash technician, eyelashes are completely safe and will not impact the health of your natural lashes. Of course, it is up to you to make sure to take proper care of your new lashes for a long and happy lash life. 


  • Gently wash with a foam cleanser regularly. 

  • Lashes should be combed out daily with a clean spooley (mascara wand). Don't have one? We'll send you home with two​!

  • No Waterproof Mascara/Makeup around the lash line. You don’t want to risk stubborn makeup getting stuck in your lash line.​

  • Avoid using eyelash curlers which will pull at the lash line and effect the bond of the lashes.

  • No pulling or tugging at your lashes.

  • Try to sleep on your back to avoid smashing the lashes down in the night. 


  • Re-fill appointments are recommended every 2 to 4 Weeks to keep your lashes looking full and flawless.



No Removal Necessary. The eyelash extensions will fall out with your natural lash cycle, still attached to your natural eyelash. You can expect the last few lashes to fall out between 6-8 weeks. Eyelashes naturally shed themselves so new strong healthy lashes can grow in so don’t worry if you wake up to a lash or two on your pillow case. 


Will my eyelashes look weird as they start to shed?

​Your lashes will give you confidence until the end. The lashes are made to mimic your natural lashes, so even as they shade, you will still keep a good shape. Towards the end, a little mascara will help shape and hold the remaining lashes in place. 

What if I need them off now?

Do not try to remove yourself! We use a special remover to safely & gently remove any remaining extensions. 


Classic - 1 faux lash to every 1 natural lash for added length, volume and curl. The results give an immediate lash tint and lift. Most Natural Results

Full Set: $150


  • Up to 24 Days |  $85​

Hybrid - 1-2+ lashes to every 1 natural lash resulting in a fuller, fluffier and denser lash line. 

Full Set: $200

Refills: Up to

  • Up to 24 Days |  $100

Volume - 2+ lashes to every 1 natural lash resulting in a fuller, fluffier and denser lash line. 

Full Set: $250

Refills: Up to

  • Up to 24 Days |  $115

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