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Special Effects Makeup

Whether it's Halloween, Cosplay or a Premier Party for The Walking Dead,  bring your characters to life with special effects makeup

Using  professional grade products to mold, sculpt and cast prosthetics,  creating realistic 3D makeup effects.

Caution! Some images may be hard to stomach! Don't worry, it's all just makeup. 


Mermaid Makeup with Gills
Gamora Halloween Costume  Makeup
Special Effects Makeup Burn on Arm
Zombie Special Effects Makeup
Evil Nutcracker Christmas Body Paint
Blown Off Face Mask with prosthetics
Bride of Frankenstein Makeup
Gold Tooth Skeleton Body Painting
Two Face Special Effects Makeup
Jerry from Short Film Rabbit Season
The Joker Makeup
Ugly Christmas Sweater Body Painting
Snapped Back Finger Makeup
Water Burns/ Blisters Makeup
Disney Ariel SFX Makeup
Zombie Special Effects Makeup
Injured Finger Makeup
Slit Face Makeup
Christmas Tree Accident SFX Makeup
Creepy Clown Makeup
Ripped Face Makeup
Wounded Warrior Makeup
Slit Fingers Makeup
Pull my finger Makeup
Burn Victim Makeup
Degloved Finger Makeup
Injury makeup
Cyborg Makeup
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