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Bride Only $450 

  1 Artist 

  1 Hair & Makeup Trial

  Airbrush Makeup & Eyelashes 


Bride + 4 Party Members $675

   Hair or Makeup 

  1 Artist

  1 Hair or Makeup Trial

   Airbrush Makeup & Eyelashes

Bride + 4 Party Members 1,150

  Hair & Makeup 

  2 Artist 

  1 Hair & Makeup Trial

  Airbrush Makeup & Eyelashes  

Bride + 8 Party Members 1,850

  Hair & Makeup 

  3-4 Artist  

  1 Hair and Makeup Trial 

  Airbrush Makeup & Eyelashes 



$100 Hair or Makeup

Trial sessions are not required but highly recommended. Test out your hair and makeup before the big day. Get familiar with your artist and discuss the best options for you. Know just what to expect come wedding day- no surprises!


Flower Girl

$35 Hair or Makeup

Up to 8 years old


After Hours


Touch Ups at the Wedding

Julia Nick Wedding-03 First


$135 Hair or Makeup

1BLPGettingReady (72 of 114).jpg

Jr. Bridesmaid

$50 Hair or Makeup

Up to 14 years old


Mens Grooming

Hairstyling or Mens Makeup $25

3BLPCeremony (44 of 28).jpg

Bridesmaids & Attendees

$85 Hair or Makeup


Eyelash Extensions

Special pricing exclusive to Landre SFX brides & party members. 


Extensions are semi-permanent, ultra-light weight and as natural-looking as it gets.


Each extensions amplify the existing lash by adding length, curl and fullness.


The extensions shed with your natural lash cycle allowing you to enjoy them long after your wedding day. Up to 6-8 weeks of wear!

Classic Application 1:1

1 faux lash to every natural lash for added length and curl. 

Full Set $95 ($150 Value)

Volume Application  1:2+

2 or more faux lashes to every natural lash for added length, curl and volume.  

Full Set $125 ($200 Value)

For more details on eyelash extensions, click here. 

Blode Getting Airbrushed-DP.jpg

Airbrush Makeup

This advanced makeup technique is your “insurance” for your face. A fool proof application for long wear- up to 24 hours of protection from sweat & tears. Known for its skin perfecting finish and lightweight yet buildable coverage.


Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

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